The Kingsland given to you as a gift
Eternity translated into endless summers
God’s fantasy island made a reality
Pockets of treasure only some can find, only some can use
The trails and sights are an expression of Him

You sit on the blue of His grace
Take a deep dive into His waters
Ocean’s creatures majestically swim
Currents of blue rays turn your shores
Aquamarine infused with sapphires shimmer the waves
Each grain of sand defines the sunshine
The stars at night speak over you with praise
The cosmos spins slowly just to gaze

Dreamtime? Actually, it’s Heaventime
The Creator is glad to provide
The Kingsland is a taste of Heaven
Gold extends to the north, south, east, and west
Acacia pycnantha wraps your crown in the spring

The best place to visit in Australia is its wilderness
Him you will find