Brooklynn’s Love

Love weighs the atmosphere down
What a great realm to dwell within
Heaven’s gold dust falls onto the skin
The chorus of angels join in

Touch of their fingertips is cared about
A long gaze into each other’s eyes
Love’s flame ignites these paramours
Beyond the bounds these two lovebirds fly

Frozen in sweetness
Take a bite of truelove’s harvest
Savor peach-rose and lavender-citrus

Walking hand in hand on city streets
Moonbeams highlight her hair
Makes him stop in his tracks
Grateful he knows her, he tends to her with great care

Play the white and black bars
The range they reach is high beyond the stars
Inspiration of their Love
Lyrics sent down from up above
Composed melody channels their young love

Jointly their blaze blinds the eyes of intruders
Their high walls resurrected from underground
Built with unbreakable rocks all around
Their Matchmaker is their fortress

Worthy are these two, untarnished inside and out
Lay flowers on the red carpet for their feet to tread
Woven together with Heaven’s golden thread