His assignment? To keep me caged
If I’m loosed I’ll rage havoc on him and his entire company

So I’m kept confined behind these brass bars
Chained and my neck is tied by a rope
If I pull this way or that way the rope tightens its grip
I choke and seek air to fill my lungs again

He’s caged everything I love and truly care for
It’s all locked up with me
He stabs at me over and over
I look up at him and he grins wide 
His laughter echos and fills the space

The longer I’m caged the more determined I become
I roar louder and louder 
And they shake with fear
“Don’t let her out,” they say, “or we’ll all be dead.”

They’ve taken a great deal from me
And now they’re after my children 
My bones are cracking and my ligaments are torn as I pull on the chains for release

There! A light! Can you see it?!

The cageman is in trouble now
My Strongman has come
He rips the brass gates from the hinges
The cageman is bound
My chains fall off and the rope around my neck is removed

I make them wish they never did this to me