Crash into Me

Walking on water
The Spirit says, “If the wave touches your head the power of God will rest on you.”

Here comes a wave
It’s about to crash on my head
But it goes over me without touching me

The next wave will do the job
But, no it doesn’t 
It goes over me again

Here comes another wave
It’s so big 
A mighty force strengths it 
I hear it roaring with power
Louder and louder
It rushes towards me
The wave is so high it blocks out the sun
It curls over me
I take a deep breath
I’m ready to take it in

The wave is Him
But He doesn’t touch me
He goes right over me

I walk back to the beach
Head hung low

I hear You say,

“I know you want to do great things for me and you will.
I know you would never go before Me on your own.
I would never send you out until you’re ready, and you’re not ready.
Get physically strong and sharpen your sword.”