Daughters of Zion

Who are you, daughters of Zion, for men to desire you so
Rooted in creation and given a name from woman
Afforded a higher place than any other ancient writing

You are race, you are covenant, you are faith
So innocent, so holy, your beauty reflects Eden
So glorious, so worthy, so famous in heavenly places
Your soft nature, created to love and nurture the images created
Your hair flows down, petals touch the ground, a pathway to glory
Your skin of many colors, watercolors the faded earth

Free to approach her Maker in time of need
Rescuer of nations, chain breaker of many – she works endlessly behind the scenes
A helper to the Sons of God, alone they’d be inadequate

Queen of her realm, giving birth to kings
Heroes placed you at their right hand to sit
“She is most useful, give her the same level of respect,” He decrees

Who has blackened your glory
They’ve stolen your flavor, so the bitterness spreads
Who dishonors you so, belittling His reflection
They disgrace and humiliate His mirror of Illustration

No marriage to Zion’s daughters in defiance to her Father
Her ring, her veil, her covering withheld
Reserved crowns are piling high

Look! You have tarnished His appearance
To desire her like an animal, oh the price you will pay
Half spirit and half man, break out from your flesh
Open the books to understand her ways
Don’t provoke Him – Her Protector from day one
He’ll flood out your beastly hearts, you’ll be flushed right out

Be tender and gentle with His replica
Desire her to shine, bath her in your tears of repentance
Then the earth will be sweet
Colors never seen will be birthed, adding to His creation
Heroes will walk the earth again
Seat her at your right hand, Sons of God, to become again noblemen