Earth Begs

Earth moans and laments
It longs for redemption

It cries out to its Creator
“Rescue me”

Earth weeps its case to You:

Man hasn’t loved me for centuries
They’ve carried away all of my plenty
My purity has been drained
I have almost nothing left to give

My vibrant sapphire blue and emerald green colors turned red and black
A place that once flowed with milk and honey
That gave sunny kisses and seasons of devotion
Now only gives fire and ice

I beg, “Sow seeds of love into me so I can keep up”

But, only You, dear Creator give me Your Love
You breathe on me and calm my rumbling
You whisper to me, “Shhh, calm now, shhh”

I cool off again
Just for a little while longer
Justice will flourish in Your time

In the meantime, I feed on Your love
And rest in Your fullness that You measure

Though I don’t look forward to my next meltdown
To hear more screams falling down into my fiery core
I long for Your light to be in all my corners
Like it used to be