Enemy’s Camp

So much stored up – duplicates of every kind
Their tents are full and bursting at the seams
What is missing and what has been gone they posses
Not just material stuff is found there – they have your spouse’s mind
Your spiritual eyesight is carried away as a high prize

Entire territories have been taken a hold of
Riches in bloodlines robbed and denied
Barriers and blockades have been set up against you
Your home is under siege

Your senses have become numb
Your bones deteriorates
The purpose of life diminishes at its prime

Shout out to Goliath’s master – bring him to his knees
The robber, the destroyer, the killer of many must flee 
Will we die for nothing 
Be bold – it’s time for battle – blow the shofar

Our weapon is our praise – shout out “Breakthrough”
The Breaker Anointing hears the call
The gates fling open – the King of Glory stands tall 
In one sweep the enemy’s camp falls

We’re all on our feet praising the Almighty
Now flower garlands and sovereignty banners decorate this place
Our home’s door is engraved with His everlasting grace