What is Family? What is Father? Mother? Son? Daughter?

How precious is their bond
Their togetherness is essential

Together they are the strings to My harp
I strum them and the melody’s sound is glorious
They are the jewels on My crown
The colors on My robe that fill My temple

The stones on top of the Cornerstone
They are the rocks that form high walls, they protect My Kingdom
They are the silver feathers on the dove who flew over the waters and brought back My leaf of grace

When I see ripples of sunlight on My waters, I think of them and smile
My basket full of stars, not one of them are missing or unnamed
My children, My love

They are the leaves on My Tree of Life
They are the lyrics to the love song My cherubim sing

My red cord holds them together 
It is how I know them and remember them
They can never be broken, lost, or forgotten