What a beautiful chandelier, my fingertips touch its crystals 
The Renaissance-style architecture on the ceiling is breathtaking 
Unnoticed and ever so quietly, I’m carried by the tall, stained glass windows
Drifting so peacefully through this beautiful cathedral 
I’m lowered over its pews

Down I come
I glide out the back door
I see my feet land on the pebble stone alleyway

You speak to my spirit saying, “Now, you try. Push up.”

Up then quickly down I go

“Push with your spirit,” You say

I push with my spirit 
And up I go flying over the city’s end

A fear of falling You attached strings

As the fear fades so do the strings

Your gale takes me wherever You desire
Over cities and valleys

I land softly in the forest of the King
I rest on a log 
The grass is perfect emerald-green 
Sunlight beams through the tall trees
I’m filled with awe 
The fly was grande