My grace takes your downward steps and takes them upward
My grace colors you in emerald green
My grace lights up your dark spots
My grace uses your mistakes and turns them into worthy lessons
My grace fills in your creases with gold
My grace lights you up in Death Valley
My grace turns all your fears into pure liquid love
My grace covers, builds, endures, pressure washes, climbs, seeps, and levels the greatest mountains
My grace keeps your cup of life forever filled
My grace knows you, heals you, and gives you shade
My grace is My two mighty hands holding you close to Me
I Am your next breath, I Am your oxygen, I Am your bones, I Am your very existence
My grace is true love’s kiss
My grace is your Book of Life, yes, My grace encases it
My grace is you and me face to face, heartbeats together, hands pressed in, a hum, a flower that petals won’t fall from