Volcanic smoke and ash float up to His altar
Glowing lava make holes in rocks
He is healing your hearts, calling back His flock

Toss flower petals into His ocean
A thanksgiving offering to Yahweh
The petals will not wither
They will drift on His surface forever
Your heart soul praises will move out to waters far away
“Where did this come from?” other nations will say
Heavenly scented flower of pink, yellow, and red
The earth is declaring, “Come, Hawaii wrap your flower lei on my head”

Hawaii, remember who you are
A people beloved
An aroma that once killed earth’s dense breeze
The world longs for your incense
Where has it been since
They use to stop in their tracks to breathe you in
Don’t bottle up your fragrance to sell
Break the alabaster box your perfume will cause hearts to swell
A plumeria scented people haven’t you waited long enough
Rub the sweetness onto your hearts
Climb up to the top of His mountain
And all will be well
The time has come time to ring your island’s bells