Fought for Nash and Won

Do you know that I have full understanding 
I know why this happened
Why I had to leave you so soon
One day you will know why too 
For now, know that the disease had no power over me
No, not ever

I know your name 
Daddy’s name
My brother’s name

I see your faces 
I can still hear your tender words
And all the prayers you whispered over me
Your warm embrace and soft kisses are current 
The brush of your long hair on my skin tickled 
I can still smell you

I hear Daddy’s guitar 
The cords he plays for me is heard here
My brother’s laughter is my music box’s musical notes

It is not by chance that you named me Nash
There are so many ash trees here
They are covered with emerald green leaves 
I sat under one 
Some of its leaves fell gently on me

I rode on a lion 
Funny because I was the one wearing the crown

I am face to face with Love
My fingertips touch His Glory

Jesus shines like a star
His light makes me shine
Look up Mommy
See the brightest star
I shine like that
Just like the star of Bethlehem

Our loved ones welcomed me here
They knew of my arrival time
I am here with them right now
I know all about our family’s history 
You have no idea how important family bloodlines are

Thank you
For all the time you gave me
Your tears
Your faith 
Your love 
Thank you so much

All your love is with me
I brought it with me for keeps

I love you
Remember to look up
I am there