No Second Chance

I’m feeling faint under all this pressure 
I cry bitterly over my case
I’m faded and unsteady
My thoughts are my worst enemy
I’m frustrated and maybe even bitter
Who knows these days, but You

You hear my cry 
You stand up in the Heaven
You push the realms to the side
You blow the clouds out of Your way
You want Your words to come in loud and clear
All the noise is silenced
Even my thoughts are stilled

Your words are laced with love
And You say,

“I don’t want you to feel foolish when you stand before Me on that day because when you do, you will ultimately know that nothing was too difficult for Me. There was nothing impossible for Me. Why didn’t you trust Me? Did you even know Me?”

“When you enter My Presence on that day I want My applause to welcome you, following My words, “Greetings My good and faithful child.”