Prelude of Hell

A snake the forerunner to eternal death
He slithers into his black hole
Harbinger in a broader scope
A menace to our creation
The innocence of blood he thirsts
The treasure embedded within our souls
He wiggles into our cracks and steals our birthstone

Be careful with your steps then upward you will go
Keep it clean and you will not decay
Look to your Potter you beautiful piece of clay
It won’t be easy walking the balance beam
Trust each step leads to Zion

Enjoying the highway so loaded with pleasures
Shame millions are off to the races
Not a believer?
Hasten don’t look back its wickedness that chases

The wicked go down to the realm of the dead
They feel the fire that burns all the bliss that led
Blue, orange, and yellow within the flames
Time without end you’ll hold the mirror of blame