We celebrate at the midnight hour
The moon and stars light our way
We sing and dance in the ocean

Our bodies are lean and muscular
We eat only glory
Our hearts are free

We celebrate Life
We chant praises to the Lord
We swim in the deep and live
We’re rich with earth’s purity
A glorious people

Supernaturally our lungs are capable of holding a single breath beyond the soul
God speaks in the deep and we hear Him clearly
The ocean reveals its treasures when we search patiently
The treasures are designed into a necklace, our crown of glory

We ride on the tallest waves
There are hundreds of us
Our bond as a family is everlasting
The roots of our faith reach the earth’s foundations
When death comes we are not afraid, with a smile, peace gives us her embrace

All creatures submit to the image of Yahweh
There is no fear, only the love of life is known here